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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Brenda Radford

School: Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute

Principal: Cora McNamara
Grades/Subjects Taught: English, drama, art

Teaching approach:

  • Present learning as a step towards an exciting common goal.
  • Favour a project-oriented approach to learning that accommodates various learning styles, makes expectations clear and well defined.
  • Stress oral, visual and written presentation skills as well as the ability to consult in a group.

Outstanding achievements:

Integration of English, drama and art sparks students' interest, enhances comprehension and increases opportunities for students to express themselves.

Promotes students' writing skills through English program:

  • two students wrote an article published in the Toronto Star
  • another student wrote a play performed at the Sears Drama Festival
  • a student's poem was chosen for City Hall time capsule
  • students work with local elementary schools, writing and performing plays with students
  • accomplished students encouraged to tutor peers and younger students.

Brings latent talent to the fore through drama:

  • students adapt plays, then produce them for performance in school and community
  • teams compose and record music and sound effects on CD
  • youth learn oral and presentation skills, become polished, capable communicators
  • classes learn sound recording, stage lighting, advertising and other aspects of large project
  • student participation usually 60 to 70 percent.
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