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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Joanne Sleightholm

School: Armour Heights Public School

Principal: Bill Ferriman
Grades/Subjects Taught: Junior kindergarten

Teaching approach:

  • Create a safe environment for children to develop and learn.
  • Treat children with dignity and respect, identify and gently correct bullying.
  • Fill the classroom with colour to make the room, and learning, inviting and exciting.
  • Invite parents to be partners in education; maintain regular contact with parents.

Outstanding achievements:

Uses music as a vehicle to teach confidence and joy of learning to tiny children:

  • teaches entire class to play the recorder by the end of the year
  • brings in professional musicians to inspire children
  • encourages children and parents to continue musical education; some students go on to study piano, flute and other instruments
  • brought class to perform at principals' meeting; class received a standing ovation
  • created 150-child choir to perform at clubs, seniors homes.

Addresses needs of all children with unique and effective teaching style:

  • includes the very challenged to the very gifted in classroom activities and learning
  • promotes use of Internet to connect with different schools, different grades
  • teaches numeracy and literacy, thinking skills and attention through creative games and programs
  • gives responsibility and leadership early through special helper positions
  • produces high rates of early readers, marked development in other academic skills.
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