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Year: 1999 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Rob Billington

School: Mitford Middle School

Principal: Dorothy Kristensen
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Music and band

Teaching approach:

  • Give students room to grow and mature while always being available to assist when required.
  • Encourage students to seek outside help; this will help them realize that learning and knowledge are found in a variety of places.
  • Expect students to participate in every aspect of a project; this will give them experience and real ownership of the final product.

Outstanding achievements:

Revitalized school band program:

  • participation has grown from 50 to 245 students in five years
  • students motivated to achieve new levels of skill and competency
  • students audition for placement in extracurricular bands despite added workload.

Creates aspiring, award-winning musicians:

  • bands play sold-out pops show every year; have standing invitation to Vancouver venues
  • bands win high ratings at festivals
  • students pursue musical careers, studies in secondary and post-secondary education.

Encourages students to pursue own standard of excellence and create own means of expression:

  • clear criteria established for each band level communicated to every student and parent
  • students encouraged to know and improve strengths and weaknesses
  • students form ensembles independent of school program; one such jazz ensemble entered and won gold medal at festival concert.

Rave reviews:

"Whether marching or conducting or just sitting and enjoying the sound of the band, he leads us with pride and dedication." Parent

"Mr. Billington is more than just a teacher, he is someone who takes a genuine interest in our success, who takes the time to find out what makes each person special and then alters his approach to make learning possible for everyone." Student

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