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Year: 1999 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Jacquie Facca

School: Fernie Secondary School

Principal: Jim Hay
Grades/Subjects Taught: Life skills, remedial mathematics and English, science, social studies

Teaching approach:

  • Evaluate student's problems and needs, develop an individual program to address them and lead student to gradual improvement.
  • Make it clear that you expect students to behave well, tell them what behaving well means; they will live up to your expectations.
  • Remember that everyone wants to work with people who will treat them with respect, including — or especially — students with physical, developmental and academic difficulties

Outstanding achievements:

Energized life skills teaching in school and community:

  • teaches 23 educationally handicapped students, some with mental disabilities, severe learning disabilities, severe behaviours, drug and alcohol abuse, with four teacher aides
  • focuses on distinguishing appropriate from inappropriate behaviours, effective communication in daily living activities, setting and pursuing realistic goals
  • increased enrolment in program from 8 students to 23 in four years
  • created tutoring program: regular program students go to life skills class to earn credits tutoring; 4 of 11 tutors pursuing studies in rehabilitation and related disciplines
  • found or arranged co-operative placements, employment for students in community, which give these youth valuable experience and affirmation.

Organized participation in Operation Trackshoes, a sports festival in Vancouver for people with mental and physical disabilities. Students:

  • practised social skills with fundraising and thank yous
  • practised money and banking skills as they created budget, collected funds for trip
  • practised writing skills with letters of inquiry, request and thank yous to community
  • won sportsmanship awards at sports festival.
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