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Year: 1999 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Ed Goldstrom

School: A. L. Fortune Secondary School

Principal: Wayne Spencer
Grades/Subjects Taught: History, comparative civilization, social studies, food studies, English

Teaching approach:

  • Maintain a positive teaching environment and provide students with opportunity for success.
  • Establish a disciplined class, be well organized, maintain high standards.
  • Emphasize and facilitate discussion within student groups; peer exchange tends to be deeper and more extended than student-teacher exchange and therefore effective in teaching communication.

Outstanding achievements:

Pioneered outstanding food studies program:

  • forms students into stations, or groups, responsible for preparation, cooking or clean-up
  • takes special care when forming groups to achieve maximum potential of each member
  • encourages students to follow written and verbal instructions, master techniques and develop creativity; all are skills that extend far beyond cooking class
  • cultivate wide range of skills, including proper use of kitchen technology, instruments and implements; this learning is also transferable to other disciplines
  • produces self-motivated, independent students who stay in school, obtain employment in food service industry, pursue cooking in post-secondary education
  • arranges co-operative education placements in local restaurants.

Organizes events to highlight students' talents, raise money for food program: annual Grad Breakfast, annual Businesspersons' Lunch, numerous bake sales.

Emphasizes integration of special needs students into class:

  • modifies program for individual students allowing them to achieve success as cooks
  • takes special care that they are integrated into social dynamic of class
  • encourages students to include, help, tutor, support challenged peers
  • confronts classes, cliques, individuals to change behaviours and attitudes when necessary.
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