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Year: 1999 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Ellen Leroux

School: Chaffey-Burke Elementary School

Principal: Linda Spruston
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 6 , all subjects

Teaching approach:

  • Be flexible, caring and willing to explore new curriculum areas; bring enthusiasm and innovative thinking to teaching.
  • Put students at the centre of their own learning; pose problems, ask questions, but let them find the content.
  • Provide and support students' opportunities to be leaders.

Outstanding achievements:

Introduces science with innovative instruction:

  • fills class with "potions," machines, butterflies, aquariums and other visual stimuli
  • employs extensive knowledge of science to create hands-on learning.

Livens mathematics teaching:

  • utilizes discussion, manipulatives and projects to facilitate learning
  • entered students in Gauss and Pythagoras mathematics contests; students earned top scores.

Implements interesting enrichment projects:

  • instigated school participation in 1998 Odyssey of the Mind program, promoting creative problem solving for students of all ages, teamwork
  • initiated class participation in Aquaschool, week-long visit to Vancouver Aquarium; integrated long-term cross-curricular lesson plan with studies at aquarium
  • launched school participation in Marsville project, an inter-disciplinary study creating a positive vision of 21st century by developing a Mars colony.
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