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Year: 1999 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Craig Walden MacCulloch

School: Peter Skene Ogden Community Secondary School

Principal: Gary Fukushima
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Career and personal planning

Teaching approach:

  • Stress flexibility and adaptability as necessary skills in modern workplace.
  • Emphasize teamwork and skills development for academic and employment success.
  • Encourage critical and logical thinking for good learning habits.

Outstanding achievements:

Spearheaded school-wide innovations in career programming; career education is now the focus for all student programs and course selections:

  • created 34 career preparation courses, including apprenticeships and work experience
  • devised apprenticeship program allowing accumulation of practicum hours and credits
  • arranged dual credit courses so students simultaneously earn high school and post-secondary credits
  • gained electronic access to courses not usually offered at a secondary school, such as aviation ground school and heavy machine operating
  • instigated work experience placements out of the small community, close to industry site.

Revitalized school and student learning:

  • students learn flexibility, creativity, are prepared for rapidly changing job market
  • 87 percent of eligible students enrolled in a career preparation program
  • significantly increased student opportunity and learning, with these has come an increase in attendance rates and a decrease in drop-out rate
  • increase in student participation and extra-curricular activities related to career programs
  • consistently higher scores in district and provincial examinations and provincial Learning Assessment Program.

Rave reviews:

"I have been amazed at the lengths he will go to in order to find positive solutions for his students." Work Experience Co-ordinator

"He initiated and developed a multifaceted comprehensive career preparation program that I believe to be the best in the province of British Columbia." Colleague

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