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Year: 1999 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Jane Sproule

School: Chatelech Secondary School

Principal: Bruce Jansen
Grades/Subjects Taught: Social studies, history

Teaching approach:

  • Know and love your subject.
  • Provide students with a positive learning experience and keep the learning environment fresh and alive for students.
  • Continuously explore and examine new teaching strategies, develop new study units, involve students in a variety of learning activities.
  • Encourage and require students to go beyond the facts and utilize the skills of critical thinking.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed numerous innovative study units for both Grade 8 and Grade 12 students, which involve students in study of an era through many different media:

  • studied World War I through songs and poetry of the era
  • transformed classroom into Fuhrer bunker to study Hitler, Nazis and World War II, into castle with "stained glass" and a medieval banquet hall while students study medieval period
  • examined significant roles of women in history with several primary documents and study units
  • invites all students into her class, successful in approaches to Native students, students arrive on time, stay in school
  • achieves outstanding results: students score well above (10 percent) provincial average, number of students in school enrolled in her course is 30 percent above provincial average.
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