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Year: 1999 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Mona MacDonald

School: West Pictou Consolidated School

Principal: Ken Francis
Grades/Subjects Taught: Remedial reading and classroom support through the Learning Centre (all subjects)

Teaching approach:

  • Capitalize on "The Triple A's of Success" — attitudes, advocacy and assistive technology — to help both gifted students and those with learning disabilities.
  • Take the role of mentor seriously – the home situation of many students is non-supportive.
  • Show sincere interest in students as individuals and be consistently fair in dealing with them.
  • Provide a caring and positive atmosphere so students see the classroom as a comfort zone.

Outstanding achievements:

Established the Learning Centre to provide remedial help for students and to assist teachers working with students requiring remedial study:

  • each year, she works with 40 students from Primary to Grade 8, many of whom increase their skill level to the point that they no longer need remedial help
  • students participate in activities to increase confidence: prepare and present poems and poetry for special occasions, read the morning announcements or at school assemblies
  • students who attended resource classes exceeded expectations on library skills assessment.

Capitalizes on technology to assist students with learning difficulties:

  • acquired The Academy of Reading: Autoskills software to help Grade 4 to 8 students with their reading
  • with money from grants and fundraising, set up software for varying abilities, from Super Phonics to encyclopedias to Math Workshops, on recycled computers
  • the Listening Centre helps middle school student read novels and hones the listening and comprehension skills of special needs students
  • procured Internet access for the Learning Centre.
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