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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Gayle Esler

School: G. L. Roberts Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Principal: Angie Littlefield
Grades/Subjects Taught: History,library, law, guidance, co-op program

Teaching approach:

  • Discover ways to understand and match the needs of individuals and communities; help both develop the skills and knowledge for success in tomorrow's society.
  • Champion "too high-risk" students and prove their success to themselves and the community.

Outstanding achievements:

Develops full-time employment opportunities for at-risk students:

  • uses Conference Board of Canada Employability Skills Profile as evaluation criteria
  • sets up creative and effective co-op placements
  • develops partnerships to create still more placements
  • spends individual time and attention encouraging students to stay in school.

Created many placements for students:

  • 10 students ran South Oshawa Internet Café, a community computer room and two free summer computer camps for 8- to 11-year-olds; all later found work or returned to school
  • on-line co-op placements with TG Magazine allowed students to work with teen publication from computers at school for credit
  • 20 students managed the provincially funded Oshawa Community Health Centre, a two-year project offering peer counselling, exercise facilities and community computer room at night in school building
  • four local elementary schools hired peer counsellors as co-op placements
  • highest density of co-op hours in board and 95 percent graduation rate for co-op students
  • 90 percent participation rate in Take a Student to Work Day, when parents, guardians or volunteers invite a student to join them at their workplace for a day.
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