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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

George Findlay

School: Princess Elizabeth Public School

Principal: Irene Anton
Grades/Subjects Taught: Guidance, English, mathematics, science, physical education, design and technology

Teaching approach:

  • Inspire students to stretch academically for a sense of pride and achievement in their work.
  • Make sure students leave fully prepared for high school, regardless of initial ability.
  • Findlay's Rule: Once you're in my class, you're mine for life!

Outstanding achievements:

Delivers highly successful math program:

  • school student or team traditionally wins first place in the University of Waterloo's Gauss Mathematics competition
  • top three math students in Grade 9 were former Findlay students.

Delivers solid science teaching:

  • provides engaging hands-on experiments
  • promotes good knowledge of inquiry method
  • teaches note-keeping for experiments
  • develops sound approach for study note and test preparation.

Demonstrates strong commitment to reading:

  • includes novel studies, reading aloud, variety of writing assignments
  • enables publication of school yearbook in limited time with limited budget
  • produces Canadian Achievement Test scores higher than board average.

Encourages development of civic responsibility:

  • students help kindergarten students on bus, answer phones at noon, act as lunch monitors
  • students organize recycling drives
  • students collect cans for food drive, pennies for toys at Christmas.
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