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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Carol-Ann Telford

School: Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School

Principal: Brian Rainville
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Guidance and career education, co-operative education, mathematics, family studies

Teaching approach:

  • Accommodate different learning styles and constantly expand repertoire of teaching techniques.
  • Relate new knowledge to real-life applications.
  • Integrate information and communications technology by having teachers in different departments share their knowledge and expertise.

Outstanding achievements:

Spearheaded expansion of senior-level co-operative education program packages:

  • enrolment increased from 27 to 110 in two years
  • doubled number of students in advanced-level co-op placements
  • tripled number of academic and community service award winners in two years
  • increased numbers involved in peer mentoring, adult mentoring and job shadowing.

Redesigned Peer Mentoring Program to fit changing secondary school environment. Teachers identified 75 students and offered them leadership roles in Peer Mentor Network, which developed a positive and supportive learning culture in the school.

Encourages and fosters students' interest in career development:

  • Grade 9 class pilot tested the Be Real Game, a career development teaching tool
  • whole school involved in applying for and winning scholarships; teachers assist with coaching and portfolio development
  • employers participate in developing individualized training plans for students.

Rave reviews:

"She has a strong vision of how to connect students, schools, universities, industries and communities? [and] not only envisions how it can happen, but takes the initiative and generates the momentum to move the process forward." Professor and colleague

"Carol developed excellent rapport with her students, and provided an excellent role model and mentor for other teachers." Fellow teacher and department head

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