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Year: 1999 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Mary Margaret Fraser

School: W. I. Dick Middle School

Principal: Adi Gauan
Grades/Subjects Taught: English language arts, mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Teach students the concepts as well as the content of each subject.
  • Use manipulatives so students can see how math can be applied mechanically.
  • Discuss key issues in class to encourage students to think critically and come up with positive solutions to problems.

Outstanding achievements:

Her students are consistently top performers; student assignments display understanding of key concepts.

Led students in development of schoolwork policy to address problem of inconsistent effort and work completion by students.

Championed use of portion of new report card by students to reflect on their goals and progress, and guided students as they developed new format for parent-teacher interviews that has been adopted across the school and shared with other schools.

Transformed the school library into the Info Centre, the hub of learning at the school. Mrs. Fraser works with staff and students on everything from art to computer skills.

Integrated technology into the school. Her leadership led to school becoming pilot location for testing new approaches to school-wide networking and centralized reporting.

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