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Year: 1999 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Lindsay Johnston

School: Calgary Science Centre School

Principal: Gillian Kydd
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Week-long science workshops for elementary students

Teaching approach:

  • Provide lots of hands-on work, encourage writing and drawing of experience and feeling.
  • Stimulate curiousity, expand students' experiences, expose them to real science in the community and inspire them to ask science questions.
  • Remember that students learn in deeper ways when they are immersed in a rich, interesting environment and have access to experts.

Outstanding achievements:

Developed and co-ordinates Calgary Science Centre School program:

  • teaches elementary students in a week-long workshop; more than 3000 in four years
  • emphasizes design and technology areas of elementary science curriculum
  • brings science and art together: students toured piano museum, listened to violin player while studying sound, worked with lighting designer from Pleiades Theatre while studying light and shadows
  • turns kids on to learning about all subjects, leaves them with lasting memories and enthusiasm about science and learning
  • encourages children to become thoughtful, independent learners.

Supports classroom teachers' work with students:

  • works with 28 classroom teachers each year to prepare integrated year-long program to complement Science Centre visit; models sound teaching practice for colleagues
  • gives teachers ideas for resources, background on the importance of incorporating open-ended journal writing into science lessons, and actual experience with hands-on activities.

Rave reviews:

"I marvelled at her ability to excite children, to engage their minds and to challenge them. She truly cares about children." Teacher

"Lindsay's dedication to teaching is infectious. Her students, colleagues and parents, without exception, responded positively to her and the wonderfully rich learning experiences she provided for students." Former Principal

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