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Year: 1999 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Darwin Martin

School: Eastglen High School

Principal: Brian McWilliam
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Computer processing

Teaching approach:

  • Challenge students to develop skills at exception levels.
  • Structure assignments so students are forced to learn material in depth, yet be flexible to allow students to be creative while learning.
  • Stress fundamentals so students become problem-solvers and thinkers.

Outstanding achievements:

Established partnerships with businesses in the technology field to give students a chance to work with successful professionals and access state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. One such partnership spawned TutorSoft, provincial diploma preparation software, which is now being used by students across Alberta to prepare for their diploma exams. Eastglen won the Edmonton Public Schools team award for Tutorsoft's design in 1999. Nine students in the past few years have also found employment through these partnerships.

Enrolment in Eastglen's Computer Enrichment Program has grown from 22 students in 1996 to 105 in 1999 under Mr. Martin's direction. Yearly attendance rates always exceed 96 percent and year-to-year retention rates exceed 98 percent.

Mr. Martin's students excel:

  • classes have a 98 percent pass rate and a consistent class average of more than 80 percent
  • students placed first in Calgary Programming Society competition in 1999
  • students placed first and fourth in provincial web page development competition
  • group finished fifth out of 497 teams in the GreenLine Investment Challenge in 1998.

Rave reviews:

"Mr. Martin's program is the reason I came to Eastglen, period. There are no others like it." Student

"Mr. Martin has done an excellent job in preparing his students for the work force. His students consistently deliver their best efforts and have fit into our professional environment with proficiency." Education Partner

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