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Year: 1999 – Province: Yukon Territory

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

Sharon Davis

School: Jack Hulland Elementary School

Principal: Christie Whitley
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Counsellor, kindergarten to Grade 7

Teaching approach:

  • Value students as individuals with a strong ownership in their education and culture.
  • Use encouragement instead of praise to help develop self-control and self-directed behaviour.
  • Incorporate the principles of Just Schools by teaching students due process to solve problems.

Collaborate to develop discipline policies so that the possible negative consequences of student choices are reasonable and respectful.

Outstanding achievements:

Because Mrs. Davis has worked so long in the community, she has built a legacy of trust that enables her to bridge relations, particularly in the First Nations community, and provide a valuable historical perspective on conflicts in the school:

  • developed class meetings in which students raise problems and concerns. Students learn appropriate communications, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills, among others
  • introduced Family Group Conferencing, a restorative justice program used as an alternative to suspension if parents wish, and as a vehicle for solving interpersonal conflict and dealing with bullying.

Interaction problems needing to be referred to the office have declined during her tenure, and fights and incidents of bullying are almost non-existent.

Students solve their own problems. Recently, a group of students asked Mrs. Davis to help them sort out a conflict. As they sat down in her office, one said, "You know what Mrs. Davis? I think we can solve this on our own."

Rave reviews:

"What distinguishes Sharon from others "just doing their job" is her tireless dedication to her school community and that she genuinely cares." School Council member

"Mrs. Davis is the nicest person I have ever met. She makes us feel better and helps us all at work. She is there when we are sad and she helps us separate fights." Student

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