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Year: 2002 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Bonnie Bauer

School: Vermilion Elementary School
4837-44 Street
Vermilion, Alberta  T9X 1G3

Principal: Robert Gerhart
School Telephone: 780-853-5444
School Fax: 780-853-4815
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Kindergarten to Grade 3, music, early reading intervention

Teaching approach:

  • Build the "happy habit of music" in everyone.
  • Teaching others is the best way to progress in one's own abilities.

Outstanding achievements:

Created an outstanding music program known and respected province-wide for the quality of instruction, enthusiasm and skill of its students and positive impact on entire community. Annual Hallowe'en and Christmas musicals at school play to bursting-at-the-seams audiences

Instituted Early Reading Intervention program at school, providing one-on-one instruction to students struggling with early reading skills. Bauer uses careful testing and monitoring of student progress to tailor program to each child's need and fosters daily support and communication between home and school. Over the course of the 10- to 12-week program students typically achieve one year of reading skill improvement.

Organized and instituted annual Summer Reading Camp for school students. This highly popular and successful program uses a multimodal approach to help students cultivate reading pleasure and skill development. Between 50 and 70 children are taught by university education students hired by the school. A math program was added in the summer of 2002.

Delivers professional development sessions in musical instruction with teachers from other schools and has mentored several intern teachers.

Rave reviews:

"Bonnie fosters, even in the most reluctant of students, a love and deep appreciation of the performing arts that only an individual with extraordinary ability could accomplish." Principal

"I don't think that she owns a watch as she is often still doing volunteer work after midnight." Community member

"She is wonderful at making each and every student feel like they are the most special student she has." Fellow teacher

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