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Year: 2002 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Pat Bourne

School: Raymond Elementary School
Box 120
Raymond, Alberta  T0K 2S0

Principal: Randy Broadhead
School Telephone: 403-752-3004
School Fax: 403-752-4885
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 1-2, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, art, technology

Teaching approach:

  • Make sure that each child is given an opportunity to develop self-discipline as well as a strong background in the basic building blocks for mastery of language and math skills.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Concerned for the welfare of every child, Bourne offers a consistent daily routine of teaching, modelling and both guided and independent practice of a range of academic and social skills. Maintains a balance of structure and flexibility that encourages creative problem solving and regular drill and practice.
  • Makes innovative and consistent use of technology in the classroom using a computer network to access software or Internet, then displays information on a TV screen to prepare children for daily computer assignments; schedules regular computer time for each student.
  • Pioneered use of Visual Phonics and PhonoGraphix software in the school to build language arts skills. Volunteered to attend training sessions and professional workshops, visited classrooms of other teachers using the software, piloted the programs in her own classroom for one year, then spent a summer preparing books, charts and other resources for fellow teachers at the school.

Shares her enthusiasm and expertise with fellow teachers through professional development sessions and in-school mentoring; pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers work together as a teams to ensure students' success. Grade 3 students show higher than average results on provincial testing.

Rave reviews:

"She is an educator who can mould the curriculum to the needs of individual children. She is not afraid to go out of her 'comfort zone' for the well-being and learning moment of a child." Parent

"If I had the choice of any teacher to teach my children, Mrs. Bourne would be my first choice." Parent

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