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Year: 2002 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Keith Farnworth

School: Grand Forks Secondary School
1431 Central Street
Grand Forks, British Columbia  V0H 1H0

Principal: Doug Bryden
School Telephone: 250-442-8285
School Fax: 250-442-2085
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 10-12, mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Knowledge is valuable only when it is used. Teaching must be more than the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student.
  • Students need a solid foundation of basic concepts on which to build a variety of problem-solving skills. Solving problems is a matter of practice bolstered with constant feedback and support.

Outstanding achievements:

Excites and motivates students with their successes in math, ensures those successes with careful, consistent teaching practices and student support:

  • employs lectures with clear, concise summaries of the basic concepts and exploration learning with graphing calculators, graph drawing, angle measurement and problem solving
  • maintains an open-door policy, encouraging students to come to his room before classes, at lunchtime and during his free periods for extra help
  • insists that each student attempts to solve each problem before asking for help
  • arranges extra tutorial time and re-tests for students willing to work for improvement
  • encourages parental involvement with student progress reports, regularly asking parents to encourage children to review class material and old exams.

School's provincial diploma exam results are consistently above average; Grade 12 Calculus students gain impressive results on the Selkirk College final exam.

Farnworth works to improve math education in the province by serving on the Math 12 curriculum review committee and the Math 12 exam table of specifications committee. He also coaches several sports teams at the school.

Rave reviews:

"Farney has got me through three math terms, which no other teacher could have done." Student

"Keith Farnworth is a master teacher. He is an exemplary model of professionalism. Keith is dedicated, enthusiastic and, above all, caring." Fellow teacher

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