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Year: 2002 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Molly Paterson

School: King Traditional Elementary School
28776 King Road
Abbotsford, British Columbia  V4X 2R4

Principal: Elizabeth Tuck
School Telephone: 604-857-0903
School Fax: 604-857-0967
Grades/Subjects Taught: Kindergarten

Teaching approach:

  • Teaching children the skill of effective communication at an early age ensures success in most other areas of learning.
  • Kindergarten students are not merely "five year olds," they are little people capable of a great deal of learning.

Outstanding achievements:

Employs an eclectic collection of teaching techniques and resources:

  • keeps "teacher talk" to a minimum to maximize learning: when children enter the classroom each morning they take their "place" on the carpet, an interactive and invisible way to take attendance
  • regularly models the "wrong" way to do a task: though children think she is being silly, she's really teaching them to be observers and problem solvers
  • takes advantage of the presence of parent volunteers or visitors to tackle a challenging craft project, or give a struggling student some extra attention
  • reinforces communication skills through careful questioning at show and tell time
  • creates a memory book for each student, showcasing his or her artwork, printing, work sheets in chronological order to show skills development over the year
  • enriches program with purposeful, interesting activities related to the curriculum: for example, guest speakers and field trips to farms, the police station or a natural site.

Children thrive in her program. In Grade 1, their reading is typically three levels higher than the district average.

Rave reviews:

"Most people do not think of kindergarten in an academic light, but Molly's class is all about learning. She takes these small people and turns them into focussed learners, who go on to Grade 1 with far more than is expected." Parent

"Molly has the rare ability to, at the same time, 'differentiate' instruction (by meeting a wide variety of learning needs in her classroom) and set a high standard of achievement in her class." Principal

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