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Year: 2002 – Province: Nova Scotia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Davinder Singh

School: Sacred Heart School of Halifax
5820 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3H 1X8

Principal: Patricia Donnelly
School Telephone: 902-422-4459
School Fax: 902-423-7691
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 10-12, science, physics, chemistry

Teaching approach:

  • First teach students, then teach the subject.
  • Never hesitate to speak your mind, set high standards and go the extra mile to help students achieve those standards.

Outstanding achievements:

Spearheaded the evolution and development of the science program at school to take advantage of computer and communications technologies as they became available. Today, the Sacred Heart science program includes a comprehensive curriculum with advanced and academic courses and state-of-the-art equipment. Students learn from computer simulations and interactive physics and chemistry software as well as traditional laboratory experiments.

Integrates computer technology in lab work and research, encourages Web research, involves community experts to enrich the science program and creates lessons that emphasize relevant practical applications of scientific concepts. At the same time, Singh places a strong emphasis on traditional written, oral and visual presentation skills, innovative thinking and good teamwork skills.

Promotes project-based science to encourage scientific enquiry, problem solving and decision making. Actively encourages students to participate in science fairs, robotics competitions and science and engineering camps throughout the country. Students work cooperatively with others, improve communications and organizational skills, see their work in relation to their peers, develop friendships with like-minded students and receive awards, scholarships and encouragement to succeed.

Rave reviews:

"She is both an extremely innovative and technologically adept teacher and an old-fashioned teacher." Headmistress

"Beneath her warm and pleasant demeanour, her no-nonsense approach and her positive outlook is an energetic and dynamic individual who truly enjoys young adolescents." Parent

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