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Year: 2002 – Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Régine Mallet

School: Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux
30, rue Cormier, PO Box 5751
Caraquet, New Brunswick  E1W 1B7

Principal: David Parisé
School Telephone: 506-727-7039
School Fax: 506-727-7030
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 9-11, art, French, dressmaking (couture)

Teaching approach:

Don't repeat things simply because they have worked in the past. Begin every year by rethinking your approach:

  • dissect programs to determine what really needs to be taught.
  • study students' weaknesses and strengths and determine what their interests are to draw them into subjects.
  • then, and only then, put together projects and determine teaching methods.

Outstanding achievements:

Responds to abilities of each year's students by creating custom-designed programs. For example, a group of strong readers with a curious streak were invited to join a "detective agency" that served as a framework for their study of detective novels. A group of struggling students went to a local historical village to act out a novel set in 19th century Quebec and make a photo essay of their efforts.

The quality of students' work is recognized in the community. In 2000, her students were invited by the local volunteer centre to transform a 125 m hallway into a historical streetscape using the painting technique called trompe l'oeil.

Creates contests and other opportunities for students to receive rewards for their creative efforts. Many of her students have won other prizes as well. For example, eight students in 2002-2003 were selected to provide artwork to give to winning athletes at the Canada Winter Games.

Rave reviews:

"Régine is a teacher who wants to bring novelty to her teaching every year. Each time I meet her, we talk about her latest project." School administrator

"She has taken on the task of guiding her students in the work to be done. Her students, therefore, have to use up-to-date learning strategies that emphasize projects, challenges, research, etc." School administrator

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