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Year: 2002 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Jennifer Beauregard

School: Dorset Drive Public School
100 Dorset Drive
Brampton, Ontario  L6T 2V9

Principal: Kathy Filkin
School Telephone: 905-793-5210
School Fax: 905-793-0915
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 2 French immersion, Grade 5 core French

Teaching approach:

  • See students as Michelangelo saw sculpture; as teachers our job is to reveal the form and beauty of the masterpieces hidden within our children.
  • Bring out the best in students by building on their strengths and caring for their welfare.

Outstanding achievements:

Uses her training in art and music to create an accepting, welcoming and stimulating environment with posters and games that spark interest in the most reluctant learners, inviting corners for reading, and quiet areas for independent work or creative expression. Strategically groups children's seating to create "teams" of learners; issues a challenging task each morning.

Involves parents in children's learning with monthly family challenges expanding on school work, reading incentive programs and constant communication and consultation about children's progress.

Opens children's hearts to the less fortunate, which helps her students become responsible caring global citizens:

  • instigated Books for Africa drive
  • promotes Jump Rope for Heart events at school
  • organizes fund-raising campaigns for Sleeping Children Around the World
  • coordinates Spirit Day, concerts, plays and seasonal celebrations at school to boost school moral and pride.

Students continue to excel, and students and parents continue to seek Beauregard's guidance after they've left her class. One of her students was recently awarded a $5000 scholarship recognizing her achievements at school and her extensive volunteer work.

Rave reviews:

"My sister describes the events that happened during her days at school with such detail that it is obvious that Madame Jennifer has maintained her energy and charisma over the years." Former student, brother of current student

"I would urge you to find out where she comes from and hire more like her. Pay a relocation bonus if you must; we need more Madame Jennifers." Parent

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