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Year: 2002 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Patrice Harvey

School: Polyvalente des Baies
40, avenue Michel-Hémon
Baie-Comeau, Quebec  G4Z 2K4

Principal: Jacques St-Laurent
School Telephone: 418-296-6755
School Fax: 418-296-6759
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 8-9, human biology, photography

Teaching approach:

  • Recognize that motivation and determination are not a given: some students do not want to be in school and it is a teacher's job to inspire them to think differently.
  • Create a program that stimulates and rewards all students regardless of their level of performance.
  • Provide certain basic conditions: a positive emotional environment, stimulating and reassuring learning opportunities, and an enthusiastic teacher who is not afraid to let it show how much he loves what he does.

Outstanding achievements:

Created Photoscope, run like a small business, to:

  • help young photographers develop professional values
  • bring in revenue to acquire materials and equipment for students
  • provide an opportunity for students without financial resources to study photography.

Photoscope continues to pay off for students, who have won regional and provincial prizes in the Concours québecois en entrepreneurship. Photographs taken by Photoscope members were also chosen to represent Canada in an international exhibit of photographs to honour the cultural heritage of participating countries.

Recognizing that students of different abilities react differently to self-directed learning, Harvey developed an approach he calls "assisted self-teaching," which focusses, for strong and weak students alike, on academic success and surpassing one's own accomplishments.

Rave reviews:

"Thanks to Patrice, I passed my Secondary 4 physical sciences course. Although he wasn't the homeroom teacher, he gave me a lot of help even though he wasn't obliged to do so. I really owe him a great deal." Former studentl

"His class always ended too soon." Former studentl

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