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Year: 2002 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Luc Poirier

School: École secondaire du Havre-Jeunesse
2175, place Malo
Sainte-Julienne, Quebec  J0K 2T0

Principal: Gaston Hachey
School Telephone: 450-831-1177
School Fax: 450-831-1152
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 7-11, art

Teaching approach:

  • Each level builds on the previous. An explanatory class is followed by hands-on work. When students become confident with their newly acquired manual dexterity, the focus shifts to the subject matter and how those new skills can be applied to enhance the way a viewer will experience the art.
  • Controlled chaos: the teaching space is a hive of activity where students can work individually or in groups, where materials and resources are ready to hand and where the teacher can easily move around helping each individual or speak to the group as a whole.

Outstanding achievements:

Recognizing that the large number of students and tightening budgets at Havre-Jeunesse were rendering options classes with low teacher student ratios extinct, M. Poirier met with academic planners for the school and created a new program that could be given outside regular class hours.

Involved students in the teaching and promotion of art. Students help each other and, particularly, help beginning students acquire skills and confidence. Later, these same students talk up the importance of art in the school and the community. Ultimately, these leaders become independent artists, working on new creations in their free time.

Rave reviews:

"Thanks to his personalized encouragement, like all his pupils, I discovered the existence of my right brain, but even more, I became eager to see how far I could go in applying the techniques taught." Former student

"Although I am a drop-out, I make a very comfortable living these days, and that is something I owe in large part to Luc Poirier. From the first time we met, Luc guessed that I had considerable artistic potential. Under his guidance, I developed my creativity. He pushed, encouraged and sometimes pressured me, but he never stopped believing in it." Former student

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