Archived — Jacqueline Vincent

Year: 2003 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Ernest Morrow Junior High School
1212 - 47 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2A 1R3

Principal: Duane Shartau
School Telephone: 403-777-7800
School Fax: 403-777-7809
School email:
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 7-9/teacher-librarian, language arts, reading literacy

Teaching approach:

Engages learners emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

Provides educational opportunities that meet the needs of individual learners.

Addresses readers at their skill level to help to bring them to reading independence.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. Vincent spearheaded the Ernest Morrow Literacy Program, designed to enhance the reading of all students through an active daily program of instruction. Students are tested in the spring and placed in literacy classes according to their reading levels. Begun as a pilot project, the Morrow Literacy Program became a permanent fixture under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Vincent. The success of this program has sparked interest and inquiries from other schools in the area.

Student interest in reading and literacy has increased dramatically. Students are often overheard enthusiastically discussing the books they love to read. The program has even increased teacher literacy, as their love of reading has been re-ignited with their participation.

Ms. Vincent also initiated the Knowledge Fair, where every student in the school researches and presents a topic of interest, connecting it to their four core and two complementary subjects. For example, a student can relate a love of boxing to math by researching the concepts of velocity and force. A drama enthusiast can create a skit about the verbal jousts that take place prior to a boxing match.

In Praise Of:

"Jacquie is an incredibly hard-working, caring teacher who respects her students and their potential. She speaks her mind, standing up for that in which she believes, but she is always thoughtful, articulate and well-informed." - Colleague

"She is a strong support regarding professional development for staff - she advocates for release time, professional reading materials and active knowledge of current research findings. Jacquie is an excellent mentor for younger colleagues." - Colleague

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