Archived — Mark Heinricks

Year: 2003 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Eagle Butte High School
Box 281
Dunmore, Alberta T0J 1A0

Principal: Robert Faith
School Telephone: 403-528-1996
School Fax: 403-528-1997
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 11-12/mathematics

Teaching approach:

Mr. Heinricks believes that one of the most important skills in life is setting goals and knowing how to achieve them.

If a student fails to understand one way of looking at a unit, Mr. Heinricks finds a different way that will work.

Outstanding achievements:

Heinricks makes himself available to his students by arriving at school early in the morning, spending his lunch break in class, and giving his home phone number should students require help in the evenings. He initiated Math Club for students who were dropping by his classroom and doing fun math activities on their own. He also initiated "Math Night" to prepare students for the departmental exam.

Mr. Heinricks has his students set realistic but challenging goals at the beginning of each semester, and they discuss what it will take to achieve these goals. Each student signs their goals and Heinricks follows up during the semester.

In Praise Of:

"It is clear how his behavior in class and on the court shows what kind of person he is. His hard work, determination and kindness establish this." - School Trustee

"As he aimed to please, so seem his students! He gets their attention and they learn much good from him! Mr. H. teaches beyond the classroom walls…" - Parent

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