Archived — Frances Burke

Year: 2003 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Old Scona Academics High School
10523 - 84 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2H5

Principal: Elwyn Probert
School Telephone: 780-433-0627
School Fax: 780-433-4994
School email:
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 10-12/music, drama, theatre arts

Teaching approach:

Each student deserves recognition for their efforts, whether they work backstage or take centre stage.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. Burke insists that students be organized, focused, hard-working and consistent, as well as be mindful of how many different talents it takes to produce a successful concert, play or debate.

She emphasizes the importance of teamwork, stressing responsibilities towards the group. Students nurture the qualities of commitment to one's best work and dedication to the success of the group.

Ms. Burke's Musical Theatre Script is a problem-solving blueprint that helps plays be seen, heard, and enjoyed by the audience. Senior students with experience, lead teams in areas like singing, set design, lighting and sound. This approach gives a sense of ownership to the students.

She has instituted the International Baccalaureate Programs in Music and Drama at Old Scona so that students can pursue their interests in the arts at a higher level. She has also spearheaded many fundraising activities in support of the Arts and other school activities.

In Praise Of:

"Students that couldn't sing are now singing. Students that couldn't dance are now dancing. Students that can't remember their address are now reciting lengthy passages of script. But most importantly, students that lacked confidence have found it." - Nominator

"I know only a handful of teachers who display Frances altruistic beliefs and actions. Everything she does is for her students learning and to provide them with experiences that will last them a lifetime." - Principal, L.Y. Cairns School

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