Archived — Glyn R. Davies

Year: 2003 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Henry Anderson Elementary School
9460 Alberta Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 1T6

Principal: Dr. D. Craig Worthing
School Telephone: 604-668-6355
School Fax: 604-668-6354
School email:
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 6-7/all subjects

Teaching approach:

Creates the most exciting, motivating learning and leadership environment possible to make school the ultimate life experience for students.

Outstanding achievements:

The theme projects Mr. Davies has integrated into the classroom have proven effective and inspiring in engaging students. They make living and learning inseparable. Student-created castles, undersea worlds, pirates, ancient Egyptian tombs, jungles, roller coaster theme parks, and a cartoon town create a three-dimensional learning environment.

He empowers his students by letting them choose a topic of interest and becoming the leading expert in the chosen field. Students are responsible for researching their topic, contacting community experts, sharing the knowledge with their classmates and applying their new-found expertise.

Mr. Davies' class completed a five-metre mini roller coaster for the school's foyer. Students took on the roles of theme park operators, job site organizers, engineers, team leaders, audio/visual directors, photography and video technicians, and computer simulator program creators.

In Praise Of:

"Mr. Davies' classroom has a place for everyone. Students with histories of disruptive and sometimes violent behaviours would disappear into his class and would often reappear at a later date as leaders in a curricular or extracurricular activity." - Former Supervising Principal

"Mr. Davies is a truly remarkable educator who is continuously reviewing what it means to be a teacher in the presence of children's lives. He is a man of measure." - Principal

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