Archived — Marvin Dodds

Year: 2003 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Esquimalt High School
847 Colville Road
Victoria, British Columbia V9A 4N9

Principal: Deborah Courville
School Telephone: 250-382-9226
School Fax: 250-361-1263
School email:
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 11/social studies, history

Teaching approach:

Develops and fosters the love of learning in each and every student. Treats all students with respect, engages their interest, and develops their ability to think critically. Creates an environment in which students want to take risks and discuss new ideas, an environment in which they thrive, not confined to the traditional classroom.

Outstanding achievements:

Students are involved in creating and establishing class content and lesson plans. The guiding principles behind his lessons is asking questions to elicit real, honest responses. Students learn co-operatively, teaching each other and role-playing.

Mr. Dodds brought eight groups of students and parents to Russia, including teachers and students from other schools in the district. He is passionate about learning through travel and other cultures, and seeks to extend the opportunity to all students within his reach. The Russian trip provided students with an incredible cultural immersion, as they were billeted in Moscow with Russian students and their families.

He led the Social Studies Department to develop a set of performance objectives and is a member of the Scholarship Committee.

In Praise Of:

"Mr. Dodds exposes history in a new light; he's shown me that history is a story, and all the components fit together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle." - Student, Gifted Education

"Perhaps one student summed it up best when I asked her why everyone seemed to learn so well in Mr. Dodds' class. She looked at me, thought for a moment, and said: 'I feel smart in his class. I know I can learn. He makes history magic.'" - Department Head, Counselling

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