Archived — Carolyn Marcotte

Year: 2003 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: DW Poppy Secondary
23752 - 52nd Avenue
Langley, British Columbia V2Z 2P3

Principal: Leslie Dukowski
School Telephone: 604-530-2151
School Fax: 604-530-5034
School website:
Teacher Email: and
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 12/geography, psychology, law, human services

Teaching approach:

Promotes life-long learning, synthesis and integration.

Exposes students to many different media, and ensures cross-curricular connections from one branch of social studies to another and even one discipline to another.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. Marcotte instituted several new social studies courses at DW Poppy. The Social Studies Department has branched out into a larger department where a variety of social studies courses are offered, such as psychology, law and human services.

She promotes personalized instruction by organizing assignments in such a way that students can explore areas of particular interest while stressing the importance of teamwork.

She also developed a student self-evaluation sheet and rubrics that are currently being used in several other disciplines within the school and other districts in the province. In promoting life-long learning, Ms. Marcotte is constantly developing questionnaires and evaluations that force students to think about their own learning and thinking.

Ms. Marcotte established many valuable connections at the provincial courthouse. A diagram she used to explain the judicial system to students on field trips now appears in several textbooks.

In Praise Of:

"Encouragement, compassion and a positive attitude are something that Carolyn selflessly shares with many of the students who have had the good fortune of spending time in her classroom." - Former student

"Carolyn is someone who will always make time for a student whether they're on the honour roll or having difficulties in school. She has a tendency to notice the students that often go unnoticed in other classrooms, giving them her attention and encouragement." - Fellow teacher and advisor

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