Archived — Nicole Labossière-Clark

Year: 2003 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: École Héritage Immersion School
Box 489
St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba R0A 1V0

Principal: Amanda Haworth
School Telephone: 204-433-3460
School Fax: 204-433-7175
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Kindergarten-Grade 1/all subjects

Teaching approach:

Encourages children to value themselves as different and unique in their ability to contribute something that no one else can.

Nurtures a positive, respectful environment where creativity, innovation, independence and flexibility are valued.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. Labossière-Clark promotes cross-curriculum reading in a variety of situations. She demonstrates how reading will help students become better at the things they love to do. She has developed an extensive library for her class, acquiring many complete sets of guided reading materials and other resources.

She lobbied to get the funding for Animated Literacy, a new reading program in her classroom. The program is shared with grade two, three, four and five teachers.

Ms. Labossière-Clark developed new strategies in her classroom to help hyperactive children direct their energy to learning. For instance, she has equipped some chairs with bungee cords so that students who cannot focus without moving can swing their legs against the cord.

She spearheaded a school-based project to create student profiles that allow teachers to share important information about how each child learns best.

In Praise Of:

"In parent, teacher and school team conferences, I have observed Nicole advocate on the child's behalf. Parents appreciate Nicole's pedagogical expertise and her sincere caring for their child." - Colleague

"For Nicole, this is more than a job - it is a love of teaching, of kids, of leadership, and a passion to be the very best she can be." - Parent

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