Archived — Gerald Negrave

Year: 2003 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Rossburn Collegiate Institute
PO Box 370
Rossburn, Manitoba R0J 1V0

Principal: Ed Shemeliuk
School Telephone: 204-859-2383
School Fax: 204-859-3044
School email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 11 and 12/biology, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, economics, science

Teaching approach:

Creates lessons that are both interesting and appealing to students.

Helps students succeed in areas of learning beyond the curriculum.

Outstanding achievements:

Mr. Negrave's teaching practices include a blend of humour, the ability to talk with students at their level, and the ability to maintain high energy levels in both himself and students. He adapts to any situation. For example, when a new chemistry lab encountered construction delays, he chose labs that could safely be done in a classroom.

He has energized students by organizing an Easter egg treasure hunt, complete with clues that are hidden throughout the school and incorporate mathematical formulas to scramble locker numbers, lock combinations, etc.

He developed a drama program and has written and directed many musical productions complete with music, song and dance. Some productions involve people from various local communities, including elementary students, high school students and adults.

He also organized a soccer program - Valley Storm - and not only coaches the team, but also arranges transportation, accommodation and fund-raising events for matches in the U.S. and Europe.

In Praise Of:

"Our kids were privileged to have had Mr. Negrave as a teacher and a coach. They have graduated high school and now count him as a friend. He has inspired them to pursue their talents and interests by encouraging them to believe in themselves." - Parent

"It is a pleasure to have a staff member who encourages student and volunteer participation in an extracurricular educational partnering activity." - Principal

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