Archived — Peggy Hoffman

Year: 2003 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: École secondaire Bialik
6500, chemin Kildare
Côte St-Luc
, Quebec H4W 3B8

Principal: Elaine Wisenthal Milech
School Telephone: 514-481-2736
School Fax: 514-483-6391
School email:
School website:
Teacher Website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 3-5/English

Teaching approach:

Encourages students to express personal viewpoints and to use personal reflection as they develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Motivates students to develop and enhance their self-expression, whether in oral or written format.

Outstanding achievements:

Hoffman pioneered the Portrait Poetry project, where students use poetry to reflect on and express their thoughts about someone who is close to them. The poem is complemented with one visual piece and one verbal piece to complete the portrait. The three-part portrait is then framed and presented to the class.

She introduces students to social and psychological issues in literature and discusses how literature reflects society and culture. She encourages remedial students to participate in the "book club" held daily during lunch hour, and is always available to students or small groups at these meetings.

Ms. Hoffman also created a website, Bialik Reads, where students submit critiques on novels, providing an ever-growing list of recommended reading for students, parents and the community. She initiated the production of a student literary journal.

She is the director of the school play, organized and coached the school's first SmartAsk team, a Novella writing competition held at the school during an eight-hour period on a Sunday, and is head of the English Language Arts Department.

In Praise Of:

"Seeing the goals of education through Peggy's eyes and actions is enlightening and refreshing, humbling and inspirational. If teaching is an art, Peggy is a master from whom I have the pleasure of learning." - Vice Principal

"She has developed many relationships with her students over the years, as she has been both mentor and role model to many." - Parent

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