Archived — Stéphane Côté

Year: 2003 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: École primaire Lalande
50, 3e Avenue Sud
Roxboro, Quebec H8Y 2L5

Principal: Normand Bergeron
School Telephone: 514-684-3423
School Fax: 514-684-3330
School email:
School website:
Teacher Email:
Teacher Website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 6/all subjects

Teaching approach:

Helps students, both gifted and those with problems, to achieve their best.

Exposes students to dynamic real-life situations.

Makes young people aware of the opportunities open to them if they persevere and go the extra mile.

Outstanding achievements:

From March to June 2003, Mr. Côté undertook and carried out the project "Super Bolides" (super race cars), which earned him a spot on the front page of the newspaper Le Devoir. Students form teams to design and build a model race car from start to finish: the chassis, wheels, suspension, security system, propulsion system (mouse trap), electrical system, reinforcement, body and bumper. This project allows students to experience success at all levels: intellectual, manual and social. Success requires both lateral thinking and discipline. Mr. Côté spent approximately 1,200 hours on this project, which involved about 140 students.

Mr. Côté's students are involved in the evaluation process through logbooks, an oral assessment or a questionnaire, learning lessons for future projects.

He composed five songs that he sings, accompanied by his guitar, to teach the rules of grammar.

In Praise Of:

"We saw our child blossom, gain self confidence, become capable of defending his ideas and finding solutions to complex problems." - Parents

"Personally, I trusted Mr. Côté, despite his original approach, when I noticed how motivated difficult students were becoming, how much time the teacher spent explaining the material to them, how carefully he listened to their personal problems, and his perseverance in carrying out his plans without ever getting discouraged." - Former principal

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