Archived — Sylvie Blanchet

Year: 2003 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

School: Collège Saint-Louis
50, 34e Avenue
, Quebec H8T 1Z2

Principal: Robert Daigle
School Telephone: 514-634-4448
School Fax: 514-634-1333
School email:
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 1 and 4/dance and drama

Teaching approach:

Creates a stimulating and safe learning environment that is student-centred.

Focuses on function of art in society and the place of dance in the history of humanity.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. Blanchet draws from her many resources in carrying out her numerous projects. She finds what she needs in her community and sometimes involves parents. She surrounds herself with competent people and technicians and uses specialists from outside (e.g. choreographers in Amerindian and African dance).

She shows that the arts must play a key role in our society developing the humanistic values that are so important to the school, such as tolerance, respect, openness to the world and curiosity.

Ms. Blanchet requires students to develop their ability to adapt and implement solutions in spite of the lack of physical and technical facilities (no auditorium or big hall).

She also founded a dance troupe, Expression, which is made up of 150 students and which has celebrated its 15th anniversary. She is responsible for concept development and production, as well as directing, encouraging and co-ordinating. Over 3,000 people saw the show in 2003.

In Praise Of:

"At a time when there are more young teachers than there have been for several years, her achievements, personal qualities and charisma are very valuable for the development of the profession." - Parents

"For her, a teacher's value is in giving the young people from her school and from the community the opportunity to discover themselves and develop through positive experiences that help them grow in a healthy way." - President of Productions Multisens Inc.

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