Archived — Loretta Van Brabant

Year: 2003 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

School: St. Teresa Catholic School
11350-25th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 5B1

Principal: Kelly Forner
School Telephone: 780-437-6022
School Fax: 780-437-6457
School email:
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 3 / all subjects except music

Teaching approach:

Helps students become all they can be.

Creates and delivers programs that give all students opportunities for success.

Outstanding achievements:

In all activities, Ms. Van Brabant makes connections between curricular areas to help her students become successful learners. During September, for instance, she emphasizes the importance of friendship. Thus, poetry, artwork and writing assignments become opportunities for students to explore the meaning of friendship. Even math class - through activities such as surveying fellow students and making graphs on personal favourites - can help students forge new friendships.

She also provides students with as many opportunities as possible to share their interests and ideas with other students. For example, during outdoor supervision, she encourages students to discuss the impact of car exhaust fumes on the environment. She also uses public speaking and classroom discussions to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.

Leading by example, Ms. Van Brabant participates in all school activities, including the school's jogging team. She always encourages her students to do their best in whatever activity they take up.

She is also committed to helping young people outside school hours. In fact, she was instrumental in helping the local Big Sisters and Big Brothers establish a one-on-one counselling and support program for young people.

In Praise Of:

"She is not exclusive in her demonstrative abilities towards any particular child, but she captivates all the children in her classroom with her dynamic, but sensitive nature." - Parent

"Even though I did not realize it at the time, during the many enjoyable hours that I spent learning, growing, and playing in Miss Van Brabant's class my life was directed in a positive way that will affect my future. How fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful teacher." - Student

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