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Year: 2003 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

School: Vincent Massey Secondary School
1800 Liberty Street
Windsor, Ontario N9E 1J2

Principal: Warwick Mercer
School Telephone: 519-969-2530
School Fax: 519-969-1907
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 10 and 12 / enriched mathematics, calculus, algebra

Teaching approach:

The key to success in teaching is being able to connect with your students.

Makes math fun by encouraging students to "play with math."

Outstanding achievements:

Dr. White devotes a lot of time to helping students excel in math by emphasizing critical thinking and hands-on experiences, using a variety of teaching techniques. One outstanding program is his peer-tutoring initiative, in which his students share problem-solving techniques with local elementary students.

Dr. White also provides extra help to students from across the Windsor area preparing for math competitions. In addition, he runs a summer day camp for grade seven and eight students to help them develop their critical thinking skills.

His efforts have helped students succeed - both in competitions as well as in their post-secondary studies. Many of his students participate in prestigious competitions, and they are often ranked among the top competitor - both nationally and internationally. His former students often remark about the positive influence he has had on their career paths.

Over the years, Dr. White has been honoured for his exemplary teaching techniques in problem- solving and organizational skills, including receiving the University of Waterloo's Descartes Award for Outstanding Teaching in High School Mathematics and an Honourary Doctorate from the University of Windsor.

In Praise Of:

"He has taught students not only math but to believe in themselves, to work hard, to help one another, to analyse problems critically, and to balance fun with self-discipline." - Director of Education

"In retrospect, what Dr. White taught me was not just the subject of mathematics, he helped me focus on how to develop essential skills to deal with problems of life. These skills remained with me as I entered university and completed my education in medicine." - Former student

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