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Archived — Mary McBride

Year: 2003 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

School: Banting Memorial High School
Box 3000, 203 Victoria Street E.
Alliston, Ontario L9R 1W7

Principal: John Fallis
School Telephone: 705-435-6288
School Fax: 705-435-3868
School email:
School website:
Teacher Website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 9-12 / Latin, Ancient Greek, French

Teaching approach:

Education can broaden students' horizons and help them lead more rewarding lives.

Always respects student effort and gives prompt feedback.

Active participation and excellent attendance are vital to success in learning a language.

Outstanding achievements:

Passionate about the classics, Ms. McBride shares her enthusiasm with students. In her words, "Learning another language is fun. It expands your knowledge of English, and it enriches your acquaintance with another culture."

Ms. McBride makes Latin, Ancient Greek and French come alive through field trips to museums and cultural centres, exchanges with American Latin students and European travel. She provides an understanding of the cultural history as well as the language.

She teams up struggling students with stronger classmates to ensure that everyone can actively participate. As well, she is always available for extra help during lunches and after school. Ms. McBride is also passionate about helping students excel. Every year, she puts a team together to compete at the Classics Conference at Brock University. Last year, the school placed third overall for its strong efforts in academics, athletics and creative contests.

Ms. McBride has written thousands of study questions to help prepare her students for contests. She introduced the Junior Classical League and Certamen (a contest that tests classical knowledge using buzzers) in Ontario.

Ms. McBride's website directs her students to other sites which include interactive quizzes.

She has also collected more than 1000 specialized classical books. These materials are an invaluable resource for current students, graduate students and fellow teachers.She recognizes students for their hard work and achievements, including providing prizes for excellent attendance as well as for outstanding academic achievement.

In Praise Of:

"There can be no greater tribute to one's success than to be perceived as a passionate learner and to communicate passion to others. It is the essence of that we set out to do. Ms. McBride has been fulfilling that ideal for generations of students over a lifetime." - Assistant Professor, retired

"She teaches life and how to embrace it to the fullest. Ms. McBride has done this by making herself available to her students to discuss not only schoolwork, but also day-to-day life on an informal basis. Her ability to connect with her students in this matter is truly remarkable!" - Parent

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