Archived — Mark Robbins

Year: 2003 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

School: Madawaska Valley District High School
341 John Street South
Hwy. 62, R.R. #1
Barry's Bay, Ontario K0J 1B0

Principal: Mike Shulist
School Telephone: 613-756-3048
School Fax: 613-756-1783
School email:
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 9-12 / music

Teaching approach:

Music is an important part of young people's development, whether they are gifted musicians or not.

Music programs should be designed to give all students the chance to succeed by focusing on listening to, praising and encouraging all students regardless of ability.

Outstanding achievements:

Mr. Robbins shares his passion for music with his students. His innovative approach to teaching ensures that all students feel they are integral to the overall success of the group. One outstanding program is his peer-tutoring initiative, in which senior students' coach younger music students. This approach has helped young students gain more confidence and become better listeners.

He also uses new technologies to give students more opportunities to experiment with music. He was the first teacher to bring music instrument digital interface technology to Renfrew County schools, and has raised thousands of dollars to improve the school's music program and facilities.

Today, the school's music lab has state-of-the-art equipment capable of recording, mixing and producing compact discs. As a result of these efforts, students can explore the way music is being composed and manipulated in today's world. They also learn how to play pieces of music, adapt and arrange music, and even to compose new pieces.

Mr. Robbins also invites professional musicians into the school to share their gifts and love of music with the whole school community.

In Praise Of:

"The wide scope and variety of the music program combined with Mark's nurturing and encouraging manner, provides a place for any pupil regardless of skill or background to become involved and have an opportunity to experience personal success and growth." - Principal

"From Mark Robbins, my daughter and many, many other students have learned the value of living with passion. He has passion for music, passion for education and passion for people. He does not teach about it, he merely lives it." - Head of Science (retired)

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