Archived — Rachel McCabe

Year: 2003 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Excellence Recipients

School: Trafalgar School for Girls
3495, rue Simpson
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2J7

Principal: Geoffrey Dowd
School Telephone: 514-935-2644
School Fax: 514-935-2359
School website:
Teacher Email:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 8 and 11, English, history, multimedia

Teaching approach:

Helps students improve their communication and critical thinking skills.

Committed to improving teaching skills and sharing information with colleagues and students.

Outstanding achievements:

Ms. McCabe uses new technologies in the classroom to help students be more creative, independent and curious. An innovative multimedia project gives students a chance to explore popular media and to better understand its influence. During the first year of the program, students created a reality game show, and took on a number of roles, including TV hosts, contestants, producers, camera-people, editors, casting agents, and marketing officers.

Ms. McCabe's genuine enthusiasm to help students succeed is reflected in her commitment to exploring new approaches. She developed a student-centred approach to teaching European history class, focused on meeting the individual needs and abilities of each student. Some of her colleagues are now redesigning their courses based on her model.

She also infuses her love of learning into many extra-curricular activities, including the school's debating team. Ms. McCabe helps debaters prepare by providing them with guidance on researching issues and preparing arguments for and against resolutions. As a result of her coaching, many of the school's students consistently finish among the top debaters in local tournaments.

In Praise Of:

"As a practicing teacher, Rachel has combined all of this knowledge and superlative skills to create a learning environment that engages her students, that builds on their knowledge and that moves them to reach beyond their current level." - Collaborator on a published study

"It is not often that a student encounters a teacher who is not only excited about imparting their knowledge, but who is also eager to learn with her students." - Former student

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