Archived — Bernhard Joseph Neuhofer

Year: 2006 – Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: Major Pratt School
403 Russell Street East
Russell, Manitoba
R0J 1W0

Principal: Michael Totté
School Telephone: 204-773-2133
School Fax: 204-773-3470
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 10-12, Computer Applications, Pre-Calculus, Physics

Teaching approach:

  • Uses real world applications in lessons and elements of the world of interest to students.
  • Students earn marks by asking good "why" questions, whether related to the topic at hand or not.
  • Integrates different disciplines in lessons.
  • Allows students to choose areas of particular interest for a project in order to develop wide-ranging skills.
  • Encourages collaboration among students.
  • Makes performance standards and timeframes clear for project criteria and students know they are 100% accountable.
  • Encourages leadership and innovation.
  • Helps students visualize how they can surmount a goal by breaking it down into manageable bits.
  • Holds voluntary evening and weekend classes.
  • Believes strongly in the use of technology in the classroom.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Mr. Neuhofer manages to change the status quo at Major Pratt. When he was put in charge of yearbook, he not only led students in producing a quality keepsake, he completely changed the process through which the yearbook was created. The yearbook is now created in an electronic format. The yearbook committee no longer purchases reams of film - instead, all the pictures are taken with a digital camera. In the long run, this has saved money and improved the creative process.
  • When Manitoba Education re-introduced standardized testing of high school students in the late 90s, Mr. Neuhofer held a parent information night. While quite unusual for a teacher to hold an evening parent meeting about a specific course, he felt the pacing of the Mathematics 40S and difficulty of the material warranted the extra effort. The student and parent commitment that came from this meeting was critical to later success.
  • Mr. Neuhofer was invited by the Superintendent to join the Pelly Trail Teachers Training Institute. He led a session for other teachers on computer usage. He has led inservices for the entire division on Global Information Systems and its use in the education setting.
  • Mr. Neuhofer was instrumental in getting an email server established at Major Pratt. He not only promoted the idea, but volunteered a great deal of time in helping set up the system. He then created tutorials and help guides for users.

In Praise Of:

"…when he took a leave from Major Pratt to return to Austria for a year, our students missed him so much that he was asked to be the guest speaker at Graduation ceremonies via video." - Business Education Instructor, Major Pratt School

"Mr. Neuhofer is a teacher I will never forget and I hope his current and future students appreciate how privileged they are to have someone so committed, not to his career, but to his students." - Former student

"Mr. Neuhofer was always there as someone more than a teacher, someone who these young adults could talk to, and learn from in so many different aspects." - Parent of former student

"He genuinely cares for his individual students and makes person sacrifices to see them succeed. Teachers work with our most important resource, kids, and Bernhard definitely recognizes this." - Former student

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