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Archived — Brent Cameron, Kathleen Forsythe and Micheal Maser

Year: 2006 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: SelfDesign Learning Community
PO Box 74560, Kitsilano
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6K 4P4

Principal: Brent Cameron
School Telephone: 604-224-3640
School Fax: 604-224-3662
School website:,
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades K-9 ungraded, each learner on an individual path

Teaching approach:

  • Children learn naturally.
  • Learning is not necessarily dependent on teaching and can emerge as a legitimate activity based on the interests, curiosity and enthusiasm of any learner.
  • Learning communities that empower self-responsible, entrepreneurial learning in an information age.
  • Look at human behaviour and work with how individuals learn, with why individuals learn, and then design meaningful learning relationships and environments that optimize each individual's learning process in a collaborative context.
  • Use technology to support human interactions.

Outstanding achievements:

  • The SelfDesign Learning Community is the collaborative vision of Kathleen Forsythe, Michael Maser, and program founder Brent Cameron. It has grown out of the work begun at the Wondertree Learning Centre in Vancouver, which Mr. Cameron created in 1983. The SelfDesign Learning Community currently has almost 40 learning consultants (B.C. Certified Teachers) working with approximately 450 learners and their families from around the entire province of B.C. There are no courses, no teachers and no curriculum taught to the 450 learners.
  • When learners, parents and learning consultants enter the SelfDesign Learning Village on the Internet, they find themselves sitting at their own virtual office. They can read their email, and participate in their favourite conferences. They can track their activities using the calendar on the wall, and the learners, parents and consultants collaborate to create individualized SelfDesign Learning Plans for each learner. With this learning plan as a base, they track and observe each learner's learning on a weekly basis throughout the year.
  • This program introduces a new paradigm, learning beyond schooling and learning beyond home schooling. The program is called a learning community because of the belief that, in a post-industrial world, children learn through collaboration, conversation and interaction within a world of information resources.
  • By clicking on the door of the office, learners, parents, mentors and learning consultants enter the learning village. Here, by entering any of the main buildings, learners find focused conferences containing conversations such as music, wellness, nature and science, village life, strategies for success, math, dance and philosophy.

In Praise Of:

"I learned that learning itself is rewarding, and this has greatly influenced how I approach my life and my work." - Former student

"No singular curriculum could achieve this dramatic result in our culture, as these young people contribute their ethically directed, self-motivated, and innovative ideas to our society." - Adjunct Professor, Royal Roads University; Board, Canada Research Chair; Board, American Society for Cyberetics

"From the teachers (Learning Consultants) at Wondertree Learning Centre my son learned that you don't have to be a certain age to strive for excellent. He learned that when other people set your goals the standards are way too low. He learned how to follow his own dreams." - Parent of student and professional Counselor and Educational Consultant

"Brent Cameron, along with the support of Kathleen Forsythe and Michael Maser, has formed the foundation and brain trust to turn novel educational ideas and ideals into practical and meaningful schools and projects consistently for the past twenty-three years." - Parent of former student

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