Archived — Ron Williamson

Year: 2006 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: John McCrae Secondary School
103 Malvern Drive
Nepean, Ontario
K2J 4T2

Principal: Glenn Coughtrey
School Telephone: 613-823-0367
School Fax: 613-823-3755
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 10-12, Canadian History, Careers & Civics, Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology, Outdoor Education, Global & Environmental Studies

Teaching approach:

  • Relies on various media sources in order to introduce themes and issues and spark interest and debate within the classroom.
  • "Teacher as Facilitator" approach. Encourages and challenges students to broaden their mental horizons, empowering them to examine and evaluate for themselves accepted trends and norms within a supportive and respectful atmosphere.
  • Understanding that young minds are often turned off by rigid traditional academic approaches to learning, Mr. Williamson fosters a hands-on learning environment by integrating subject matter into real-life situations through such activities as environmental studies field trips and civics role-playing.
  • Invented the abbr T.I.C.C.L.E, in order to encourage and remind outdoor education (and other) students to:
    • Trust in each other
    • take Initiative to get the job done;
    • Cooperate within the group;
    • show Commitment to the task at hand;
    • develop Leadership skills in themselves and others; and
    • develop the Environmental awareness required to be a part of the solution.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Introduced the concept of "peers helping peers" to the Halton District School Board by selecting senior students to serve as assistants in his lower-level outdoor- and phys-ed classes. In doing so he not only gave these students the opportunity to gain invaluable leadership skills, but also succeeded in providing the younger students with positive role models to whom they could look for guidance and support.
  • Was instrumental in the creation and implementation of an Outdoor Education Policy for the Halton District School Board, including: establishing external links between the school board and environmentally-oriented community agencies as well as the necessary internal networks of teachers, administrators and facilitators; developing curriculum resources; and providing education and training sessions to teachers of all grade-levels to ensure a thorough understanding of the material being included in their curricula.

Rave reviews:

"I know for a fact there were days when going to school was the last thing I wanted to do, but knowing I had class with Mr. Williamson, I would go because I knew that my day would get better just by being there." - Former Student

"Through my involvement with Ron I gained valuable skills and experience that I still benefit from today, which I feel attests to Ron's contribution to not only my education, but also my personal growth and development. In my current position as a university instructor and when supervising undergraduate students I am applying the leadership and communication skills that I first developed through my experiences with Ron. In my career in academics one of the greatest compliments for me would be if my future students have the respect and appreciation I have for Ron." - Former Student

"As I chatted with many […] students about their experiences in Ron's classes, the same phrase seemed to keep coming up again and again, and that was; 'Mr. Williamson has been the best Teacher I have had in my student career'. Can there be a more influential testimonial than that?" -Manager, Baxter Conservation Area, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

"It is often difficult to describe greatness unless one stands before it. It is most difficult to describe a great and dedicated individual who has a superior grasp of the subject area which they teach; and an ability to meet the needs of each and every student in the classroom no matter what their abilities. To see is to believe the effectiveness of Mr. Williamson's daily, weekly and monthly positive discourse with those around him. If a mold could be made of a teacher who exemplified all the traits which would enable students to succeed then one would need to look no further than Mr. Williamson." - Fellow Teacher, John McCrae Secondary School

"Ron's energy is boundless, his willingness to help others is endless and his steady professionalism always present. Each time we talk I am amazed with the new undertakings and the care he shows for the individuals he is working with." - Fellow teacher, John McCrae Secondary School

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