Archived — Linette Smith

Year: 2006 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: Eastglen High School
11430-68 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5B 1P1

Principal: Hans Van Ginhoven
School Telephone: 780-479-1991
School Fax: 780-474-3154
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 10-12, Drama, Performing Arts, Dance

Teaching approach:

  • Challenges students to develop skills at exceptional levels.
  • Emphasizes problem solving and working in a group environment.
  • Encourages students to develop their theatre skills, social skills and their academic skills.
  • Integrates life lessons into theatrical instruction by basing classroom activities on trust, responsibility and communication.
  • Enhances the relationship between students and the community.
  • Active student mentor.
  • Unconditional acceptance of every individual and a tireless dedication to finding the best in each student.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Mrs. Smith has created and promoted a Theater and Performing Arts regular and enriched program at Eastglen High School. Her students are not simply given repetitive tasks butrather are stimulated with thought provoking, relevant projects and assignments. The result is that students leave Mrs. Smith's classroom with skills that surpass the expectations and requirements of the theatre and performing arts program.
  • Mrs. Smith has established and fostered several partnerships that connect her students to the professional world. Students develop skills through working with professional staff and insight into the world of theater production. In addition, she has also established partnerships with a variety of elementary and junior high schools that provide her high school students with leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Emphasizing problem solving and working in a group environment, Mrs. Smith requires her students to learn and integrate other subject skills into the program. Examples include technology in theatre, the use of mathematics and science skills in set design, and the role of history in theatre.
  • The theatre program at Eastglen has grown from 40 students in 1996 to over 200 in 2005 under Mrs. Smith's direction. Yearly attendance rates exceed 96% in her classes (the school average is 88%) and yearly retention rates always exceed 98% in her classes.
  • Mrs. Smith developed and implemented an alternative technical, advanced acting program for special needs students.
  • Mrs. Smith is the provincial Alberta Teaching Association Fine Arts Council representative where she is responsible for improvements in the Alberta provincial drama curriculum and serves as a mentor for all Alberta drama teachers, assisting them with any of their curricular needs.

Rave reviews:

"She integrates life lessons into her theatrical instruction by basing classroom activities on trust, responsibility and communication." - Student, Eastglen High School

"A caring, insightful and competent teacher, who has the exceptional ability to connect the theoretical classroom to the working world." - Colleague, Eastglen High School

"Mrs. Smith's program is the reason I came to Eastglen, period. There are just no others like it." - Student, Eastglen High School

"Through her I have learned that every new situation is a change to gain, and every student has a chance to expand and grow in both knowledge and experience." - Student

"I can testify that a typical Eastglen drama student is as passionate, enthusiastic, and well-informed as any of their peers. What distinguishes them from the rest of the pack through is that they are respectful, disciplined, and well-balanced. Linette does more that just teach the skills of theatre. The lessons learned in Linette's class will serve her students in every endeavour they choose whether it be theatrical or not." - Festival Director, NextFest

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