Archived — Janet Williams

Year: 2006 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: MacKenzie Secondary School
Bag 140
MacKenzie, British Columbia
V0J 2C0

Principal: Mike Bell
School Telephone: 250-997-6510
School Fax: 250-997-6509
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 8, 10-11, Social Studies

Teaching approach:

  • Embraces the use of technology in assignments and teaching.
  • Engages in reflective practice to ensure constant improvements in teaching methods and materials.
  • Advocates cross-curriculum studies, relates curriculum to student's everyday lives and interests.
  • Develops materials that enable students of all abilities to succeed.
  • Stimulates the interest of students so that they are willing to participate in and take ownership of their education.
  • Works to increase student interest and participation, and promotes student leadership and team work.
  • Encourages learning outside the classroom.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Mrs. Williams was one of the first staff to design, create and implement a school website. Included within this site is homework due dates and test reminders, as well as related educational links such as party platforms for elections. Mrs. Williams has been an inspiration to her colleagues to begin using technology more readily in their classrooms and to implement their own web pages.
  • Mrs. Williams facilitates student to student mentoring, in which she teaches students how to help other students on assignments. She also invites peer tutors into her classroom to help guide students who may be struggling with content. She encourages these peer tutors to work on curriculum development and to do mini-lessons to develop both their own knowledge and that of their peers in a way that is familiar and relative.
  • Mrs. Williams has been a pioneer within the school in the area of data analysis to determine the best practices that lead to student achievement. She has spearheaded a Success for All group to initiate such programs as a homework club, save one student, and a study skills curriculum for all content areas. Since its inception, this group has seen failure fates decline and an increase in the number of students who achieve Honour Roll and Principal's List standing during each reporting period.
  • Mrs. Williams has been the driving force behind the school's writing contest and continues to encourage entrance into both district and provincial contests, where several students have experience success. She also coached the school's 'CBC Smart Ask' national competitor's team in 2003.
  • Mrs. Williams was a member of the Instructional Unit Design Team that was responsible for collaboratively creating two instructional units on themes of citizenship, activism and social reform utilizing the Saskatchewan and Alberta social studies curriculum to provide appropriate materials, vocabulary, and assessment strategies for students to best utlize a Web-base learning application focused on archival documents exploring the topic of populism in western Canada.
  • She has also been asked to present how teachers can best utilize the many components of this unit at a professional development workshop. She had a review entitled "Students informed, motivated by Challenging McWorld" recently published in the Canadian centre for Policy Alternatives Monitor.
  • Mrs. Williams is developing a style guide for the school to use to ensure students are aware of writing expectations across content areas. She has also been the sole producer of a newsletter and several brochures for students, staff and parents that are designed to provide updates on the school's growth goals, strategies and successes.
  • Adamant that her own continued development will benefit her students, Mrs. Williams is registered for her Masters of Education with a focus on curriculum, learning and teaching. She has also attended Teacher's Institute on Parliament Hill and the Historica Summer Institute.

Rave reviews:

"Janet will do whatever she can to help students find their niche and facilitate their success in their chose goals." - Nominators

"Within her classroom, Mrs. Williams ensures that her students become genuine global citizens. She creates risk free situations where her students can examine their own values and that of the world in which they live. She consistently challenges her students to become responsible and active citizens in their community, both locally and globally, and provides genuine opportunity to accomplish this task." - Vice Principal, MacKenzie Secondary School

"Mrs. Williams has demonstrated her ability to not only teach students, but her peers as well." - Principal, Mackenzie Secondary School

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