Archived — Darwin Roscoe

Year: 2006 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: Hunting Hills High School
150 Lockwood Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M4

Principal: David MacLean
School Telephone: 403-342-6655
School Fax: 403-341-4335
School website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grades 9, 11, 12, Mathematics

Teaching approach:

  • Involves students in his use of a SMARTboard to bring learning to life.
  • Models the importance of lifelong learning.
  • Turns abstract mathematical equations into real life situations.
  • Regular communication with students and parents, with immediate feedback to students.
  • Uses student team work for problem-solving
  • Encourages moral education.
  • Celebrates student successes, big and small.
  • Takes interest and participates in student's lives outside the classroom.
  • Promotes problem solving and logical thinking rather than memorizing formulas.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Mr. Roscoe uses Webgrade and Micrograde daily to calculate each change in student's grades. He encourages them to check their marks frequently so that they are aware of progress or setbacks. Students and parents appreciate the ability to check grades on the Internet at their convenience. Mr. Roscoe has also made his email address available so that any questions regarding lessons, grades or other aspects of his classes may be sent directly to him.
  • In his last two schools, Mr. Roscoe has introduced an Advanced Placement program and the success rate of students has been outstanding.
  • As curriculum leader, Mr. Roscoe strives to cooperate with other colleagues and assist in any way he can. He has arranged an agreement with the science teachers who were finding it difficult to find the time to help students master particular concepts. Mr. Roscoe led his department through a discussion of how the math department could help, and an understanding was reached that math teachers could extend the teaching of some concepts to bridge and then include the science curriculum. The idea was embraced and Mr. Roscoe has been meticulous in checking that all math classes are consistent in covering the chosen science concepts.
  • In keeping with the research and focus on assessment, Mr. Roscoe has been implementing an innovative approach to grading one advanced placement class. Rather than each exam counting for marks, students receive a personal growth evaluation. Instead of grades on what they know, comments are delivered to help students discover how to amend mistakes. Fewer grades are given and all quizzes and assignments strive to reach mastery of all concepts so that midterm and final exams give students the opportunity to exercise skills.
  • Mr. Roscoe has written a standards document on Mathematics 9 outcomes. He has been involved for many years in writing math questions for Alberta Education diploma exams and also participates in the marking of these exams biannually.

Rave reviews:

"Students that were coached by Mr. Roscoe still take time for a visit though they are now in their mid-twenties. Still others email their teacher from university for help with math problems or formulas. All of these situations speak to the honest way in which Mr. Roscoe has his students' best interests at heart." - Principal, Hunting Hills High School

"This man took a kid who was accepting the fact that he could do no better than what he was doing. Mr. Roscoe believed, encouraged and took the time to actually teach not just be a teacher. He gave my son the confidence that no other has done, as well as gave him a personal challenge which he proudly conquered." - Parent of student

"Darwin is constantly finding ways to improve as a teacher, never settling for less than his best. As a result, all of the teachers that work with Darwin have caught his attitude and we too strive for excellence in our daily teaching. Therefore Darwin's enthusiasm has helped not only the students of his class, but all of the students at Hunting Hills." - Fellow teacher

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