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Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Québec

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Louis Laroche

École Lanaudière
4300 de Lanaudière Street
Montréal, QC H2J 3M9

Principal: Nancy Fortin
School Tel.: 514–596–5835
School Fax: 514–596–6931
School Email:
School Website: École Lanaudière (in French only)

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Subjects and grades taught: French, Math, History, Science, Ethics and Religion, English for grades 5 and 6

Whether in the classroom, a cabinetmaking shop, a business or a film studio, regardless of the topic or the medium, Louis Laroche firmly believes that youth learn best through experience and that short cuts don't foster genuine understanding.

Teaching approach

Mr. Laroche is never short of projects. Armed with a catching passion (and occasionally a hammer!), he easily provides the support that offers youth a unique opportunity to custom-create their own educational projects using their own designs.

Outstanding achievements

  • Mr. Laroche's innovative projects, such as his class' organization of science camps and his use of Mexican jumping beans as a teaching tool, have twice earned him selection as Canada's delegate for Science on Stage, a prestigious European science educators' convention.
  • In order to carry out his projects, Mr. Laroche has raised nearly $120,000 in various grants for his class and his school. He uses the grant money to purchase computers, tools, novels and much more. His 2003 project Explor'ARTS alone earned him a $38,000 grant. The project was the exploration of all forms of the visual arts by establishing connections with professional artists and the places where they do their work in the community.
  • Every year since 2003, Mr. Laroche and his students have participated in the Concours québécois en entrepreneuriat. Firmly believing that starting a business in the school environment can provide students with a crucial experience, he dedicates himself to pointing the way. Thanks to his enthusiasm, Mr. Laroche's class won the 2009 regional excellence award.

Rave reviews

"Mr. Laroche has unquestionable professional qualifications. Above all, teaching is clearly a vocation for him. He loves what he does and children feel it, which motivates them."

Parents of a student

"Louis is a fantastic teacher. He's intelligent, understanding and very devoted. But we're forbidden to use anglicisms in his classroom!"


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