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Archived — Marcy Stein

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Québec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Bialik High School
6500 Kildare Road
Côte Saint Luc, QC H4W 3B8

Principal: Ken Scott
School Tel.: 514-481-2736
School Fax: 514-483-6391
School Email:
School Website:

Subjects and grades taught: English Language Arts, Drama and Math for Secondary 1 and 2

Teaching approach

The sound of applause resonates down the hall. School is fun in Marcy Stein’s classroom. The teacher dons costumes; the students create and perform “rants”, they blog, use wikis and practice safe social networking. The possibilities are endless, the examples are real and the results are nothing short of excellent. Throughout her thirty-year teaching career, Ms. Stein hasn’t changed her thinking, but her strategies reflect her ability to find innovative ways of implementing new technologies in her classroom.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Ms. Stein organized a student committee that raised close to $40,000 for breast cancer awareness and won a recognition award from the Cure Foundation.
  • Students participate and win at the Canadian National Mathematics League and the University of Waterloo’s Gauss Competition. On a regular basis, Ms. Stein’ s students train for these competitions through web-based games with peers in countries all over the world.
  • Ms. Stein has earned the title of Exemplary Educator by SMART Technologies for her work implementing interactive whiteboards in the classroom.
  • Ms. Stein pioneered a one-to-one laptop program in her school and laptops for all the students are brought into classrooms as required.

Rave reviews:

"Her math class is a blast! Mrs. Ms. Stein gets everyone involved in the class and makes us very excited about math. (…) Not only did we understand what we were doing, we understood why. Mrs. Stein uses the SMART Board and takes advantage of technology. She also has a great sense of humor!"


"Marcy’s breadth of knowledge enables her to discuss the fine intricacies of math and delve into its fascinating secrets with the students as they experience the discovery process."


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