Archived — Rhonda Exner

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Canora Junior Elementary School
P.O. Box 1150
Canora, SK S0A 0L0

Principal: Rod Steciuk
School Tel.: 306-563-6511
School Fax: 306-563-4929
School Email:
School Website:

Subjects and grades taught: English Language Arts for Kindergarten to grade 4

Teaching approach

As you flip through a Saturday morning edition of the Canora Courier, it’s not unlikely that you’ll stumble upon an article written by one of Rhonda Exner’s students. Ms. Exner encourages independence but takes each student’s level and needs into consideration. Staff, students, parents and grandparents alike rally around Ms. Exner’s creativity and resourcefulness when it comes to literacy and writing.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Ms. Exner’s students regularly participate in the Saskatchewan Young Writers Contest and several have won to date. Ms. Exner also encourages students to write articles for the local paper. They seek out information, get their ideas on paper, self and peer edit before having her approve their work.
  • Ms. Exner teamed up with the public library and started an initiative whereby each family receives a library card. Many students, who never had access to the library and never planned to, now use it on a regular basis. Students from different grades learn together in Ms. Exner’s Cougar Literacy Club, which isn’t graded, but is based on levels.
  • Literacy doesn’t just end with the books. Ms. Exner guides her students through online resources like and She also developed written and video components for grade four students applying to sit on the School Community Council.

Rave Reviews:

"This year my youngest son is blessed to work with Mrs. Exner in Kindergarten. She has a unique way to inspire students and hold their attention despite the large class sizes. (…) The students greatly admire her and respect her which is shown by the way they interact with her and praise her."


"Mrs. Exner has played a huge role in building relationships that create trust. She and her ideas are welcome in all classrooms Mrs. Exner encourages teachers to take risks and use classroom strategies outside of their comfort level. Teachers know they have Mrs. Exner there for support and are willing to try new things."


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